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My interests span computer animation and player modeling, particularly for character animation, physically-based animation, and video games. 

My previous work includes methods for mapping player behaviors to game-state (here); for developing user-friendly crowd authoring tools (here); and for studying how character and avatar animation can subtly influence players (specifically, concerning naturalness, responsiveness, gaze, and emotions). I am currently studying stylistic motions for character animation at the SIG Center for Computer Graphics with Norm Badler, Sophie Jörg, and Steve Lane. The following video shows some examples I've built over the course of this research.


My resume is available here. The reel to the left highlights some tool demos from various side projects and papers, specifically, my image painter, puff modeler and volumetric renderer, image-based tree modeling plugin for Maya, and my crowd brush demo from my 2014 I3D paper on macroscopic crowd modeling.

Selected publications and projects
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Bayesian Clustering of Player Styles for Multiplayer Games.

Aline Normoyle and Shane T. Jensen, Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Digital Entertainment (AIIDE), 2015


Trade-offs between Responsiveness and Naturalness for Player Characters

Aline Normoyle, Sophie Joerg. Motion in Games, 2014 (won best paper!)
paper  presentation  movie


Player perception of delays and jitter in character responsiveness

Aline Normoyle, Gina Guerrero, Sophie Joerg. Symposium on Applied Perception, 2014
paper  bibtex  movie


Stochastic activity authoring with direct user control

Aline Normoyle, Maxim Likhachev, Alla Safonova. Interactive 3D Graphics and Games, 2014
paper  bibtex  movie (contains sound)  Foodcourt Authoring Demo  Zombie Authoring Demo  Interactive Bird Demo


Evaluating perceived trust from procedurally animated gaze

Aline Normoyle, Jeremy B. Badler, Teresa Fan, Norman I. Badler, Vinicius J. Cassol, Soraia R. Musse. Motion in Games, 2013  paper  bibtex  supplement  presentation  movie  Gaze demo  Experiment demo (happy)


The Effect of Posture and Dynamics on the Perception of Emotion

Aline Normoyle, Fannie Liu, Mubbasir Kapadia, Norman I. Badler, Sophie Jörg. Symposium on Applied Perception, 2013 paper  bibtex  movie  presentation  dataset   (won best student presentation)


This spring, Ben Sunshine-Hill and I co-presented "How to use machine learning like a responsible adult" at the Game Developer Conference AI Summit in San Francisco. The tutorial aimed to introduce ML to people who've never looked at it before, and I hope people found it inspiring, interesting and educational!

We won best paper at Motion in Games last fall in Los Angelos! This paper describes several experiments we designed to better understand the trade-offs between responsiveness and character animation in games. Two of our most interesting results were that players felt most satisfied with our simplest animation controller and that players did not notice the more naturalistic motions in our highest quality controller, although viewers in a separate survey did. For more details and results, see the paper and video!

We have a SAP 2014 paper! This work summarizes our latest experiments investigating how delays in character responsiveness affects players' perception of themselves and the game. In this work, we look at the effects of fixed versus varying delays (e.g. jitter). We find that jitter is noticed by players more than a fixed delay and reduced the perceived motion quality of the character. Both latency and jitter hindered the player's performance, but in different ways. Check out the paper and video for details!

I presented "Stochastic activity authoring with direct user control" at I3D in San Francisco this week (March 14th). This technique lets users easily author background crowd behaviors using a crowd brush. The video below shows a demo.

An interactive version of the bird demo from the paper is also here.