Aline Normoyle
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recent miscellany


Sep 2017, I presented my new Rubik's cube solver at Hack && Tell!

Jun 2017, For #RemakeJam, I ported the original 1998 veggie game to 2017 HTML canvas

Jun 2017, As part of Sophie Jörg's lab, we are building a very cool combined VR and MoCap rig for running animation experiments!

May 2017, With Venturi Labs and Analytical Graphics, we created a drone racing game through center city Philadelphia using fun-to-use Cesium

recent projects

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recent publications


The effect of animation controller and avatar on player perceptions

Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds (CAVW), 2016


Bayesian Clustering of Player Styles for Multiplayer Games

Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Digital Entertainment (AIIDE), 2015


Experimental analysis of motion style

PhD Thesis, University of Pennsylvania, 2015


Trade-offs between Responsiveness and Naturalness for Player Characters

Motion in Games, 2014 (Won best paper!)