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by Aline N & Nancy Tsang

TrInk is short for "image-based tree generation rendered in an eastern ink painting style".  The goal of this project was to create Maya plug-in tools that implemented features from SIGGRAPH papers.  Our plug-in allows artists to autogenerate 3D tree models from 2D source images and render curves in a non-photorealistic style.  The features of our plugin may be used together or separately.  Click here to view the tutorial.

Nancy created the ink effects shown on this page using the ink simulation techniques from the Moxi paper.  Also, don't miss Nancy's awesome ink simulation animations.  Meanwhile, I implemented the tree generation features.  We show the results of both in the next section.


The table below shows results for the tree generation and ink renderings.  Please see the tutorial for information regarding how we created these images with out plug-in.

User Interface